Photos of various trips to Scotland
covesea2004 ruthven2031 ruthven2038 scotland2041 scotland2056 speyside3524 findhorn2078 findhorn2082 toad2085
carrbridge2110 scotland2118 glenngarry2125 highland2129 highland2150 highland2157 highland2141 highland2168 highland2200
glengarry2216 kinlochhourn2217 glengarry2225 rainbow2235 mull2575 hare2593 lochruthen2696 jackdaw2767 rockpipit2721
starling2700 cairngorm2714 bennevis2756 bennevis2776 grouse2687 red2628 grouse2603 red2657 mull2782
mull2785 mull2790 oyster2902 mull3202 mull2818 iceland2807 mull2802 tobermory2868 blackface2903
mull2904 wheatear2907 mull2909 common2926 otter2963 mountain2977 lapwing2988 caterpillar3024 mull3026
mull3032 rabbit3043 mull3067 chaffinch3072 mull3124 eider3180 mull3196 corran3222 speyside3538
speyside3540 speyside3541 speyside3544 fisherman-7559 speyside-7553 stream-3683 toad-3813 fungi-3816 red squirrel-7299
red squirrel-7253 filtered red squirrel-7447 red squirrel-7269 filtered red squirrel-7288 red squirrel-7479 coal tit-7525 fox-7701 badger-7710 glaucous5119
stag5186 stag5189 stag5199 stag5203 stag5205 stag5212 stag5217 stag5218 stag5234